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My Story Continued....

Creative Mind, Body, And Soul.

My print modeling work, ultimately landed me in Los Vegas at the MAGIC Convention, in 1993.  While there, I was needed by a local boutique back home to buy for their upcoming season when the buyer fell ill, and couldn't attend at the last minute. I jumped, literally, at the opportunity.

 At only 17 years old, I instantly became a self taught buyer. My innate ability to see style before style see's you, while also naturally knowing what new silhouettes are to come, seasons ahead, cemented that buying job and sent me on the next nearly 30 years of fashionable fabulousness within the industry I was truly, born into.

Nearly 30 years later, I have traveled the world selling to Costco & National Corporate, worldwide. Simultaneously, I was opening boutiques nationwide to supply the big box stores, globally. Private Label work became a part of the big picture, while always developing my namesake brand, ANN MARIE. I launched ANN MARIE, in 2018! Shortly thereafter, we opened our flagship store, ANN MARIE, Bespoke Womenswear, on May 11, 2019, in Denver, Colorado.

 After an accident left me permanently disabled, I began pivoting my daily work and today, I love sharing my vast knowledge of all sectors of the fashion industry through my freelance work and teaching. While I will always be a designer by heart, and like most fashionprenuers, creating will always be a daily piece of my puzzle, I am developing an Adaptive Apparel go-to brand. AM Adaptive Apparel will ultimately give millions of people an easier way to dress, live and express themselves,

as I now need such apparel as well.  

I love giving my expertise to new designers or designers who just need a hand to develop fashion collections. I thrive creating Tech Packs for your brand and find creating vibrant Line Sheets to send to buyers a fun part of the finished product. My contacts are deep and I can help deliver both your Line Sheets and Collections to the right buyers for you to sell your new brand or seasoned brand that you are ready to take to global companies.


I LOVE creating custom garments for clients, launching new brands for companies, creating entire collections for staple brands, designing custom wedding gowns & attire, curating new fabrics and printed fabrics for both brands and fabricators, and I do all of my work with such love of fashion, working together will simply be work of art, while not feeling like work at all.

Custom Home Goods

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