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Nearly 30 Years Experience Within The Fashion Industry, Countless Custom Clients Along The Way
Below Are Just A Few - Click The Images To Follow Each Story

"A Repeat Client is like good wine, each one gets better with age" AM

It starts as ideas a client shares with me, which we turn into a shared vision, together.  While, if asked, I simultaneously design custom prints and custom printed fabrics for my clients, to create our shared vision into beautiful fashion illustrations. The sketches are revisited and often revised to reflect precisely my clients desires. As a Fashion Designer, who also produces one-of-a-kind prints for fabrications and who can produce either one custom garment, or a small batch, to manufacturing an entire collection, my nearly 3-Decade experience gives me the ability to walk slow or run with any client.

Fashionably Fabulous Custom Garments 

Nicole Apelian, Herbalist

Bobbi Brown

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